About Master Marinel Peia


He is an initiate of various mystical paths holding 45 + years of experience. He holds various university and postgraduate degrees, such as Yoga Master or Yoga Doctorate (Ph.D. In Yoga – India, Calcutta). He is authorized to teach the most important traditions of Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra. He teaches full courses of Yoga, Tantra and Buddhism, being licensed by the most important mystical schools in India and the Himalayas. He is officially recognized by the great masters of India as one of the very few contemporary Yoga masters considered to have truly achieved Spiritual Realization.

He is a long time experienced Master in Martial Arts, which he is practising for more than 40 years (from the years ’70), holding the black belt with 6 Dan in Shotokan Karate, the black belt with 6 Dan in Jujitsu, black belt in Kenpo Karate, Kung Fu Master in different styles, Chi Kung Master, etc.

Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicines and University Professor, Marinel Peia is also one of the most well known therapists from Romania and abroad. He is recognized for the thousands of cases of healing, often miraculous (including cases considered sometimes to be without a chance). Those cases of the healings are surpassing the context of the understanding of the actual science. He is also one of the first bioenergy therapists from Romania, working with these therapies beginning from the years of ’70, becoming famous for his exceptional capacities of clairvoyance and healing (therapy).

Master Dr. Marinel Peia is specially appreciated for his outstanding clairvoyance.  Innumerable people from almost all the countries of the world come from everywhere  to find healing for many of their problems, such as health. Master Marinel Peia can see from distance their physical organs, more accurate than MRI’s can detect.  He can see the depth of their mind and soul, the hidden causes of their illness and diseases and sufferance.  He reveals to them the most effective remedy to recover themselves. For many of them he is the last hope for life and for healing their suffering.

He is teaching for many years courses of alternative medicine in various countries with the desire to help people heal and recover their lives. He is appreciated especially for the high standard of professionalism of the Courses in Alternative Medicines taught during 20 years.  Dr. Marinel Peia began to teach bioenergetic therapies since 1993 and he founded the first Reiki center in Romania, Usui Reiki International, where are taught courses in Reiki and in many other bioenergy therapies. The web site of the center  Usui Reiki International: www.reiki.org.ro

During the years, at this center, were initiated and formed thousands of therapists and specialists from various countries, such as; Romania, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, France, United kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, Korea, India, etc.). The courses taught at Usui Reiki International have a high standard of quality and professionalism. The diplomas are recognized by the most serious organizations in the field, around the world. The graduates can use their certificates to open personal businesses where they practice complementary therapies.

He published two books of poetry, in 1998: “Poems” and “Hyper-essences”, of profound metaphysical and spiritual reflection, being considered by the literature critics to be one of the most representative Romanian mystical and religious poets.

Other Qualifications

University diplomas and degrees

Specializations in various alternative therapies

• University Professor of Philosophy (USA), 2000
• University Professor of Sacred Theology (USA), 2001
• University Professor of Buddhist Studies (USA), 2002
• University Lecturer of Philosophy and Theology (Romania), 1999.
• Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicines (India) 2002
• Doctor of Philosophy (USA), 1999
• Doctor in Sacred Theology (USA), 2000
• Doctor of Philosophy în Yoga (India), 2003
• Master in Filosofie (USA), 1996
• Master in Sacred Theology (USA), 1997
• Master in Yoga Education (USA), 2002
• Master in Buddhist Studies (USA), 1998
• Master in Metaphysics (USA), 1998
• Bachelor in Alternative Medicines (India) 1998
• Bachelor in Hipnotherapy (India), 1999
• Bachelor in Philosopy (USA), 1994
• Bachelor in Sacred Theology (USA), 1994
• Bachelor in Comparative Religion (USA), 1998

• Extrasensory Master of  Internațional Level
• Master in Bioenergy (Bioenergotherapy)
• Master in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki
• Master in Reiki
• Master in Seven Degree System of Reiki
• Master in Karuna Reiki
• Master in Kundalini Reiki
• Master in Tummo Reiki
• Master in Seichim
• Master in Seichim 7 facets
• Master in Imara Reiki
• Master in Kurama Kokyo Reiki
• Master in Qigong (Chikung)
• Master in Shiatsu
• Master in Lama Fera
• Osteopatic Yumeiho Massage
• Reflextherapy
• Acupuncture
• Homeopathy
• Diet Therapy
• Fitotherapy
• Crystal Therapy
• Radiesthesy (Dowsing)
• Astrology
• Numerology
• Autogenic Training of Schultz
• Also he is holding many other qualiffications and specializations in complementary medicines.


Dr. Marinel Peia has received in the year 2003 The Gold Medal Award for Alternative Medicines from the University of Alternative Medicines from  Calcutta, India, granted directly (in person) by the Chancellor of the University. The same distinction was granted also to other personalities of our time: Mother Theresa, Elisabeth Queen of England or B.K.S Iyengar.

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