What is consisting of the diagnose through clairvoyance? Therapist and Master Marinel Peia can see through clairvoyance the organs of the physical body, he can see the energy aura and the mind.  He can look into the past of the patient in a detailed way and thus can find the cause of the diseases. The scanned patient may be present in person or may be at distance. The diagnose through clairvoyance can reveal deeply the health at the physical, energetic and mental level, indicating hidden aspects that often are not found by using the common procedures of diagnosing. Not only the state of health can be seen, but also the physical and subtle (non-physical) causes of the diseases and also can be determined the most efficient procedures of treatment.
The diagnose through clairvoyance can be done by coming in person for a diagnose session or by participating through from distance.
The energetic diagnose is not at all substituting the classical medical diagnose, but instead must be considered strictly complementary.
You can enroll for diagnose by contacting dr. Marinel Peia via the contact form. The exact date for diagnose will be chosen by mutual agreement, according to the therapy program of dr. Marinel Peia.


The complementary medicine treatments can be of different types, using different therapeutic methods.  
After a diagnose session or after a complementary medicine consultation,  it can be determined the most efficient procedure of treatment. Thus, the chosen treatment can consist in: Bioenergy treatment, Reiki, Qigong, Pranotherapy, Herbal therapy, Food diet, Natural products, Presopuncture, Reflextherapy, Shiatsu, Hypnotherapy and suggestion, Breathing therapy, etc.  All the types of treatments are natural.
Many types of treatment can be done also from distance.
You can enroll for treatment at dr. Marinel Peia by using the contact form. Often, before the treatment may be necessary a consultation or even a diagnose.

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